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Paris 2016

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I never thought I’ll find myself in Europe this year. Europe was never part of the plan. Well, at least for 2016. This year was supposed to be about Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan only. I even got broke after my trip to South Korea. I told myself no more. Time out. Stop. BUT THEN AGAIN, LIFE WILL JUST SURPRISE YOU. So yeah, during the last week of August, I found myself on a plane en route to Paris.

Can I just say that I will never be a fan of long haul flights. I forgot how bad they are and to make things worse, I was sick during our flight to Paris. It was so bad I wanted the pilot to do an emergency landing for me. I kept on going to the loo to cry cause, as weird as it sounds, crying made me feel better. Anyway, shoutout to the grandma who took care of me. You the real MVP.

We arrived in Paris the afternoon of Aug 30. Since I was not feeling well, I spent the whole day sleeping. So if anyone of y’all will ask me what I did in Paris, my answer is I SLEPT AND THE EIFFEL TOWER COULD WAIT!

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Why I’m Glad to be a Digital Nomad

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Two years ago, I decided that commuting and being stuck in a cubicle in front of a blinking computer is not the life that I wanted (Well, who actually wants that?), so I quit my first job.

I took a breather for a year, and after I decided to get my life together – joined Melewi.

It turned out that working anywhere other than a confined space in an office is one of the best things life could offer. With remote working, the world is your office. I traded cab rides for plane rides, a cubicle for a table by the beach, and meeting in board rooms to having a conference by the poolside.

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How to Apply for a Schengen Visa at the Embassy of Greece in the Philippines

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I just came back from Europe. I can’t believe I just typed that. See, Europe was never part of the plan. For 2016 at least. But boyyyy, isn’t life full of surprises? (Kinda love life sometimes)

Ok back story. This whole trip was unplanned. We were supposed to go to Greece as a team (Melewi) but something came up so we had to cancel everything. But the embassy was kind enough to grant us a visa so we said whatever, let’s go and booked our tickets literally two weeks before the day we’re supposed to leave. SPONTANEOUS TRIP TO EUROPE??? COUNT ME IN. (We were just really trying to find out if we can pull this whole thing off. AND BOOOY DAAAMN YES WE DID)

Anyway, the point of this post is to help you with the Schengen visa application at the Embassy of Greece. This is from our experience and for a tourist visa only, okaaay! If you have questions, you should check their website out, lots of info. PLEASE TAKE TIME TO READ THEIR SITE.

We applied at the Embassy of Greece since we’re going to stay there the longest. We did our own application – I don’t think travel agencies can help you with this one (aside from pencil bookings and all that) since you’ll need to show yourselves during the appointment date.

OKAY. Let’s start.

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