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LANY + Phoenix (Live in Manila)

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August was undoubtedly the busiest month. We had six shows in a span of two weeks – five for LANY and one for Phoenix. In case you’re a new reader, you should probably know that I sometimes road manage bands for my friend.

AND OHMYGOD I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE I GOT TO ROAD MANAGE PHOENIX!!!!! I MADE IT, MOM. Hahaha! Now if someone would be kind enough to pass along some kind words to Harry Styles that would be fucking great and appreciated (Really really really want to work for Harry please and thank you. I’m a good coffee runner 10/10)

Some photos under the cut!

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Life update

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Hi, I’m still alive. I haven’t found the time to update my blog but I have a new travel post, do check it out! Anyway, life updaaaate:

  • I saw Coldplay in April.
  • I saw The Maine in June! God, did I miss them!
  • I was in Singapore, Vietnam, and Taiwan these past three months.
  • I road managed LANY and Phoenix, no big deal – it’s cool, I’m cool, everyone’s cool. (lol who am I kidding, it’s Phoenix I’M ACTUALLY CRYING)
  • I’m gonna be in Cambodia in September and Korea in November.
  • I’ll be seeing Harry in November in Singapore.
  • I also bought a land because apparently I’m an adult now???
  • I learned that ghosting is real. People move on from people.
  • Did I mention I road managed Phoenix? I will talk about that for the rest of the year or probably my life.


I promise to blog about my London trip and post some Coldplay, Wanderland, LANY, and Phoenix pictures. LOVE YOU ALL BYEEEE

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The ultimate destinations for a driving holiday

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If you’re looking to hit the open road on your travels, there’s an abundance of destinations around the world for you to consider. From the geothermal wonders of New Zealand to the rustic charm of Sicily, here are just a few of the spots where you’ll be driving through areas of true beauty.


Split, Croatia

Recommended by one blog for being a “great jump-off point for your European road trip”, the town of Split in Croatia offers an abundance in the way of things to do and see, let alone the roads trailing from it. It’s here that you’ll be able to understand some Croatian history during the day, whilst letting your hair down in the vibrant nightlife once the sun goes down.

It’s from Split that you’re able to cruise down the D8, a highway that lines some of Croatia’s best beaches for 10 kilometres. You’ll be struck by the natural beauty that awaits here – and best of all, many tourists don’t even know it exists.

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