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December 3rd, 2017. Filed under fangirl, travels. 0 Comments

Harry Styles Live on Tour

NEWSFLASH: I’m still far up One Direction’s ass. Specifically Harry Styles’. It’s been almost seven years and I. AM. STILL. HERE. So when Harry announced in April that he’s gonna go on tour and that he’s gonna play in Singapore, your homegirl gathered all her minions to help her book tickets because there’s no way 2017 is ending without her seeing Harry Styles again. It’s been two years too long.

(Getting tickets was such a hassle but spoiler alert: your girl got 4 tickets with no sweat. I’m the Oprah of ticket buying, I’m telling you. Virtual waiting rooms? Can’t relate.)

SO YESSSS I SAW HARRY STYLES LAST WEEK!!! And he is just so so so tender. I can’t get over how beautiful and how much of a sweetheart he was without even trying – it’s unfair, really. Shoutout to her mom, Anne, for raising such a wonderful human being (May or may not be biased here but what do you expect, really)

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The ultimate destinations for a driving holiday

If you’re looking to hit the open road on your travels, there’s an abundance of destinations around the world for you to consider. From the geothermal wonders of New Zealand to the rustic charm of Sicily, here are just a few of the spots where you’ll be driving through areas of true beauty.


Split, Croatia

Recommended by one blog for being a “great jump-off point for your European road trip”, the town of Split in Croatia offers an abundance in the way of things to do and see, let alone the roads trailing from it. It’s here that you’ll be able to understand some Croatian history during the day, whilst letting your hair down in the vibrant nightlife once the sun goes down.

It’s from Split that you’re able to cruise down the D8, a highway that lines some of Croatia’s best beaches for 10 kilometres. You’ll be struck by the natural beauty that awaits here – and best of all, many tourists don’t even know it exists.

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April 16th, 2017. Filed under travels. 1 Comment

Athens, Greece 2016

Hi, I’m back!!! I know I promised that I will update you, guys, about Athens but alas, life happened and my ass got extremely busy with work. I’m being a responsible adult, you know? This bitch has bills to pay.

Soooo Athens. I’ll be honest, I can’t remember what we did in Athens (see, bad traveller!) We went to Acropolis of Athens and a really cool bar and that’s about it…. that’s what I remember. Please never allow me to be a travel blogger.

Acropolis is a citadel located above the city of Athens. It’s a World Heritage Site and it’s very breathtaking. It felt weird being there, you know? It’s like wow shit went down here. I was reading about it and found out that the first fortification wall was built in the 13th Century BC. BC. What the fuck. I sound so dumb right now. Of course, I knew that it has been around for a very long time but knowing and realizing are two different things, okay!!! It’s like once you’re there, you get to appreciate that fact. Also, wtf it felt like everything I read about Greek mythology just came to life.

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