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2018 so far

November 4th, 2018 / 0 Comments

It’s been a long time, pal.

I haven’t had a decent update since December last year so here I am giving you guys a quick one. 2018 has been fun of some sorts. It felt like I’ve been away from home 80% of the time – hopping on a plane or sleeping in hotel rooms while stressing about schedules and bands.

A lot has happened this year. I celebrated my birthday in Sapporo. Birthdays haven’t been fun for me for quite sometime now so I decided to fly out cause birthdays are supposed to be extra special, right? I knew some snow and a -10 degree weather would do the trick.

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Life update

August 21st, 2017 / 0 Comments

Hi, I’m still alive. I haven’t found the time to update my blog but anyway, life updaaaate:


I promise to blog about my London trip and post some Coldplay, Wanderland, LANY, and Phoenix pictures. LOVE YOU ALL BYEEEE


January 1st, 2017 / 0 Comments

We can collectively agree that 2016 wasn’t that nice. I mean, we have that president, people on the internet believe false news, Trump is the president of the United States, One Direction are still on their break etc etc.

But looking back, I realised that 2016 was alright in my books. It was literally the go with the flow year – a number of unplanned things happened. When 2016 started, I didn’t know I’ll be in Greece or London or I’ll be handling a fucking big client. Life is full of surprises sometimes, right?

Here are some of the good things that happened in 2016:

1. Being able to travel anytime I want. I have visited seven (eight, if you count the layover in Qatar!) this year and I actually managed to go outside Asia!

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Why I’m Glad to be a Digital Nomad

October 15th, 2016 / 0 Comments

Two years ago, I decided that commuting and being stuck in a cubicle in front of a blinking computer is not the life that I wanted (Well, who actually wants that?), so I quit my first job.

I took a breather for a year, and after I decided to get my life together – joined Melewi.

It turned out that working anywhere other than a confined space in an office is one of the best things life could offer. With remote working, the world is your office. I traded cab rides for plane rides, a cubicle for a table by the beach, and meeting in board rooms to having a conference by the poolside.

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On The Road with One Direction

April 12th, 2015 / 4 Comments

(This post is pretty long. Consider this as a warning. It is also about One Direction so if you don’t like them, HAHAHA I DON’T REALLY CARE!)

At a hostel somewhere in Central Jakarta, we met a Dutch girl named Amanda. Chester, Sherica, and I learned that she was traveling Asia and just Jakarta was just a detour. She asked us why we’re in Indonesia of all places in the world. We were not exactly excited on telling her why but eventually we did (spoiler alert: it’s because of One Direction). “Why are you guys so embarrassed about it? If you love something, be proud of it,” she then told us.


Okay, what I’m really trying to say is that I absolutely love One Direction that I hopped on four planes, checked-in at different hotels, got myself wasted (I don’t even drink hah), found myself at some sketchy roads and basements, etc etc just to see them. I think I did something illegal along the way but, that’s something you don’t really need to know.

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