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On The Road with One Direction

04.12.15 / Filed Under fangirl, friends, life lately, mary, travels / 4 Comments

(This post is pretty long. Consider this as a warning. It is also about One Direction so if you don’t like them, HAHAHA I DON’T REALLY CARE!) At a hostel somewhere in Central Jakarta, we met a Dutch girl named Amanda. Chester, Sherica, and I learned that she was traveling Asia and just Jakarta was […]

The 1975 Live in Manila

01.25.15 / Filed Under fangirl, friends, life lately / 7 Comments

It’s 2:22 AM and I should be sleeping right now but I think I’ve had too much coffee and tea today. I just came back from watching The 1975 and man, was it one hell of a hot mess. (I just realised that I saw them for four times already) Anyway some photos from the […]

Bazooka Rocks 3

10.05.14 / Filed Under fangirl, friends / 0 Comments

Damn. Year three and still present. You know what, Bazooka Rocks can be summarised in just four words: YOU ME AT SIX. Everyone can go home now. They owned the show. That’s it. They deserved the headliner title. They are monsters. Hands down. Do yourself a favour and watch them live! Anyway, I spent the […]

8123 Manila Tour

01.19.14 / Filed Under fangirl, friends, life lately / 1 Comment

I had the best birthday ever. Last Sunday, I celebrated my 22nd birthday and twenty-two is such a weird age. I’m pretty sure I just turned eighteen few days ago. Did you know that I was born when my mother was 22? * I just want you all to know that I invited The Maine, […]

Wanderland Festival

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Wanderland was hella fun!!!!