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The 1975 Live in Manila

01.25.15 / Filed Under fangirl, friends, life lately / 7 Comments

It’s 2:22 AM and I should be sleeping right now but I think I’ve had too much coffee and tea today. I just came back from watching The 1975 and man, was it one hell of a hot mess. (I just realised that I saw them for four times already) Anyway some photos from the […]

Bastille in Manila

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TOP NIGHT. TOP NIGHT. TOP NIGHT. TOP NIGHT!!! Last August, Ms. Steph and I were talking about Karpos bringing Bastille here. Next thing we knew, we were all running backstage and Bastille were playing on stage. Have nothing to say, really, but the whole thing was quite unforgettable. TOP NIGHT TOP NIGHT TOP NIGHT ANYWAY. […]

Bazooka Rocks 3

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Damn. Year three and still present. You know what, Bazooka Rocks can be summarised in just four words: YOU ME AT SIX. Everyone can go home now. They owned the show. That’s it. They deserved the headliner title. They are monsters. Hands down. Do yourself a favour and watch them live! Anyway, I spent the […]

8123 Manila Tour

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I had the best birthday ever. Last Sunday, I celebrated my 22nd birthday and twenty-two is such a weird age. I’m pretty sure I just turned eighteen few days ago. Did you know that I was born when my mother was 22? * I just want you all to know that I invited The Maine, […]

Why I Like One Direction

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Liking One Direction has probably been the best and worst decision I’ve made as a fangirl.They just make me— in the words of Taylor Swift—happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time. And to be honest, that’s an overwhelming feeling. In case you haven’t heard of them, One Direction is an English boy band […]