As cliche as this may seem, I am still listing shit down so you guys would be informed. I have accomplished some already but I’m still gonna include them just to boost my ego.

1. Be part of a design studio.
2. Be a chef.
3. Produce a concert.
4. Be part of a concert production.
5. See One Direction live.
6. Watch a One Direction show in LA / London.
7. Be part of the One Direction tour crew.
8. Be friends with One Direction
9. Watch a concert in a different country.
10. Attend a huge music festival (Coachella, Leeds, Glastonbury or summat)
11. Go backpacking in Europe.
12. Live in a different country for a month.
13. Live in NYC for at least three months.
14. Live in London for at least three months.
15. Learn how to drive.
16. Be at 100 pounds.
17. Call myself a nomad.
18. See some snow.
19. Visit Amsterdam.
20. Road manage The 1975.
21. Be part of the 5SOS Tour.
22. Watch a The Maine show in the US of A.
23. Watch 100 movies in one year.
24. Let go of toxic people.
25. Get drunk. HA!!!!
26. Work on my allergies.
27. Email one of my heroes.
28. Be really really really good at something. I have to find out what it is though.
29. Spend a year abroad.
30. Learn to swim.
31. Get a licence to dive and go diving.
32. Go snowboarding.
33. See the Northern Lights.
34. Have a billboard.
35. Represent the country.
36. Be featured in a magazine / newspaper.
37. Do something that will impact people. STACHE.

Last updated 28 Mar 2015