Hi internet, I’m Mary and welcome to my personal blog. I’m 25 and a graduate of the University of the Philippines Diliman. I’m currently a User Interface Designer (and sometimes developer) for a traveling digital design studio based in Singapore. I also road manage artists and help in concert productions from time-to-time.

I mostly blog about my life, travels, and the things I love.

I like watching shows that often involve zombies and super powers. I LOVE going to concerts and seeing my favourite bands play live. Buy me a concert ticket and you will probably win my heart. I like learning things about the marine life and I often find myself googling historical figures during the wee hours of the night. I also love to cook and do little bit of photography.

I like traveling and discovering new places. I also happen to like bands and taking care of them (I have road managed eight artists already! — Mayday Parade, This Century, Bastille, Lewis Watson, Ki Hong Lee, Of Monsters and Men, LANY, and Phoenix) so I decided that I wanna be a tour mom someday. Help a sister out?

You can also find me here: Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Portfolio, Mail

tl;dr: Mary. Full-time designer, part-time roadie. Loves going to concerts. Wants to be a tour mom.

People you’ll meet here: my family (Dad, Mom, Ynah, G-boy), my friends (Finella, Dana, Rose, Mariah), Stache (mostly Maine and Jared), FNP (Keeshia, Marian, Sarah, Kyle, Ferj), Melewi team (Mel, Peach, Nicole, and sometimes Cleo), blogger friends (Sherica, Claire, Chester), and Ms. Steph (KARPOS <3).


My surname is a Spanish word for wild thus the name Mary of the Wild. This blog went live on January 01, 2012.