Flicker World Tour

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I met Niall in June and I spent SGD 495 to meet him. See also: I can’t believe I’m STILL far up One Direction’s ass, honestly. I hate myself sometimes, you know? I could have bought myself a plane ticket back to Sapporo. 

I was and still am willing to have my life ruined by a boyband member. Unfortunately.


The whole experience started with soundcheck followed by the meet and greet. I wanted to be last for the meet and greet cause I wanted more time with him but someone started to fake hyperventilate (girl, who are you kidding honestly) so I let her be the last because I AM A GOOD PERSON.

Protip: when you meet artists, introduce yourself to their tour managers and to the artists themselves. It’ will do wonders. 

I introduced myself to Niall’s TM before it was my turn to meet him. His TM was shocked, probably because no one ever bothered to do so. But hey, I have the highest respect to THE people who run things behind-the-scene. They’re the first ones during load-in and the last when the show’s over. This whole tour will be nothing without them.

When it was my time to meet Niall, he immediately greeted me with a “Hi Mary!!!” and I’m like ???? are we friends???? Hahaha! See, introducing yourself to people can do wonders lmao. But he totally ruined the script I was trying to create in my head. I WAS GOING TO INTRODUCE MYSELF TO HIM TOO BUT HE KNEW MY NAME ALREADY SO WHATS THE POINT

I cannot believe this photo turned out fine. I usually have the worst luck w M&G photos.

We talked about his tour and I may or may not have mentioned my road management job at some point (duh, wouldn’t pass a perfect opportunity to market myself lol). I also told him to hire me if he needs an extra crew. (Someone please hire me, I’m a good coffee runner 10/10) He laughed and told his TM, “Man, she’s gonna replace you” 🤷🏻‍♀️


Perks of paying 495 SGD? Front row seats. I still cannot believe my ticket buying skills landed me a front row seat.

The concert was very intimate (was close to crying when he covered One Direction’s Fool’s Gold lol) It was very exciting to see him perform live again. During his One Direction days, his solos weren’t that many (still hate whoever decided to sing which parts – Niall and Louis deserved better) and it was such a refreshing experience to see just him on stage performing his own songs.



PSA: I still fucking miss One Direction can they come back now