Life Update (Again)

Posted December 6th, 2017 Filed under life lately, mary

Hi hello!!! Wow, two posts in one week. WHO AM I!!! So anyway, just giving you guys quick update!

I found out two months ago that I have PCOS. Havent had the time to fully research about it but basically I have small cysts in my ovaries. They are not harmful though – just causing myself some hormonal imbalance. I have higher levels of male hormones and I’m more insulin-resistant. Fun innit? So yeah, I’ve been taking care of myself more. I’ve been going to the gym almost everyday now for two months (THE BIGGEST PLOT TWIST OF 2017, WHO WOULD HAVE FUCKING THOUGHT). I also got myself a personal trainer because I need someone to side-eye and silently judge me if I gain weight and I also regularly visit my dermatologist.

ANDDD I’m happy to tell you guys that everything is going great. I lost six pounds in a span of two months. It’s not a lot but I’m really fucking counting that as a win because losing weight has always been a struggle. My skin is better now – I’m not having random breakouts anymore. The medicines I’m taking everyday (for six months, mind you) helps a lot too.

So yeah, that’s probably it. BASICALLY, I LIKE MYSELF BETTER NOW. I didn’t know I could love myself more and I’m so fucking happy I’m doing all of this.