The ultimate destinations for a driving holiday

Posted August 21st, 2017 Filed under ad, travels

If you’re looking to hit the open road on your travels, there’s an abundance of destinations around the world for you to consider. From the geothermal wonders of New Zealand to the rustic charm of Sicily, here are just a few of the spots where you’ll be driving through areas of true beauty.


Split, Croatia

Recommended by one blog for being a “great jump-off point for your European road trip”, the town of Split in Croatia offers an abundance in the way of things to do and see, let alone the roads trailing from it. It’s here that you’ll be able to understand some Croatian history during the day, whilst letting your hair down in the vibrant nightlife once the sun goes down.

It’s from Split that you’re able to cruise down the D8, a highway that lines some of Croatia’s best beaches for 10 kilometres. You’ll be struck by the natural beauty that awaits here – and best of all, many tourists don’t even know it exists.


Corsica, off the coast of France

You may not be aware of it, but the little island of Corsica – existing off the coast of the south of France – is renowned for its beautifully scenic roads wherever you go. Take the Scala di Santa Regina, for example. It’s considerably treacherous and takes some skill to traverse, but the magnificent rock faces and dramatic natural features make for a stunning trip.

But in all honesty, there isn’t any particular road that stands out from the rest. All of Corsica’s routes, albeit less well-maintained than you’re probably used to, offer unparalleled beauty and breathtaking panoramas of the island wherever you’re heading.

image from New York Times


Rotorua, New Zealand

When driving from Auckland to Queenstown, make sure you stop off in Rotorua, also known as the cultural hub of New Zealand. It’s here that you’ll be able to experience the Maori culture first hand, with the town having the highest population of Maori people in the entire country.

The roads here in Rotorua surround some of the most, if not the most, beautiful and awe-inspiring geothermal activity on the planet. And even if you don’t stop in the town, you’ll be blessed with picturesque views all around as you pass through.


Sicily, off the coast of Italy

Some may see driving in Sicily as a daunting task due to the lax rules of the road on the island. But take that as a blessing, and you’ll be able to embrace the island’s country trails and wide views across the land from your vehicle. You will need to have your wits about you along some of the more treacherous trails, as highlighted by this blog, but the spots you’ll come across on the way make it worth it.

There’s a wealth of extravagant cities and rich history to be found throughout the island, but head to the capital of Palermo for perhaps the best example. The architecture spans from ancient ruins to traditional Italian palaces and domes, and you’ll be struck by the winding drive into the bustling city.

image from Hooked on Everything


Porto, Portugal

It’s a laidback and picturesque city that beckons for you to come and explore. It isn’t the roads themselves that make Porto such a wondrous place to drive as it is the surroundings – majestic architecture lines the river that flows as calmly as the city’s atmosphere.

Being a popular city, Porto could be considered too congested and nerve-racking for a tourist to drive through, but stick to the countryside outskirts for easy, winding roads that offer luscious scenery and plentiful vineyards for you to stop off at for a spot of wine tasting.

What’s your favourite destination for a driving holiday?