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How to Apply for a Schengen Visa at the Embassy of Greece in the Philippines

Posted September 16th, 2016 Filed under travels

I just came back from Europe. I can’t believe I just typed that. See, Europe was never part of the plan. For 2016 at least. But boyyyy, isn’t life full of surprises? (Kinda love life sometimes)

Ok back story. This whole trip was unplanned. We were supposed to go to Greece as a team (Melewi) but something came up so we had to cancel everything. But the embassy was kind enough to grant us a visa so we said whatever, let’s go and booked our tickets literally two weeks before the day we’re supposed to leave. SPONTANEOUS TRIP TO EUROPE??? COUNT ME IN. (We were just really trying to find out if we can pull this whole thing off. AND BOOOY DAAAMN YES WE DID)

Anyway, the point of this post is to help you with the Schengen visa application at the Embassy of Greece. This is from our experience and for a tourist visa only, okaaay! If you have questions, you should check their website out, lots of info. PLEASE TAKE TIME TO READ THEIR SITE.

We applied at the Embassy of Greece since we’re going to stay there the longest. We did our own application – I don’t think travel agencies can help you with this one (aside from pencil bookings and all that) since you’ll need to show yourselves during the appointment date.

OKAY. Let’s start.

Request an Appointment.

Before anything else, REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT through email.  No phone calls, no walk-ins. Here’s how to do it (templates and all that). Wait for them to reply. We received a reply/confirmation for our appointment after four working days. You would also need to reconfirm your schedule two working days before your appointment otherwise your appointment will be forfeited.

Q: What if something came up and I won’t be able to make it to my scheduled date?
A: RESCHEDULE. Email them again – tell them something came up and ask them if you could have your appointment at this date instead. (You can do this. How do I know? This happened to us)


Gather all the requirements.

The embassy is kind of strict so be sure to follow their checklist. Here are the things you would need:

Compile everything in a long brown envelope with your name and contact number written on the upper-left hand corner. Please, for the love of Harry Styles, be sure to have a complete set of documents cause you will not be able to push through with your application if something is missing. THEY WILL ASK YOU FOR IT.


Appointment Day.

1. You’ll be asked to login and pass your long brown envelope.
2. After that, you’ll pay for your visa fee (Php 3120) at the BDO in front of the building.
3. Once done, you’ll pass the receipt to them and you’ll wait for your name to be called.
4. Once called, they’ll take your biometrics.
5. WAIT AGAIN (endless waiting heh)
7. After your interview, they’ll give you your official receipt and will ask you to come back after two weeks. Logout.

Our appointment was at 8:30AM. We were done with everything except for the interview by 9:30AM. I was interviewed at around 11:45AM. It was just a quick interview for me – 5mins top. They asked me basic questions about my family, my work, my trip to the Netherlands, and my salary and what do I do with my money lol.


After two weeks.

You will visit the embassy again after two weeks to know if you’ve been given a visa. Releasing is at 13:30-14:30 (Mon-Fri). DON’T FORGET THE OFFICIAL RECEIPT. You can also ask other people to get the passport for you. I think they will just need to have the receipt, an authorisation letter from you, a copy of your ID, and their ID too.

Final Thoughts.

Visa applications are always nerve-wracking especially if they have interviews. Protip – dress nicely and properly and be confident. When they ask you questions, keep your answers short and don’t babble. Prove them that you can afford your stay in Greece and that you are returning to the motherland. MOST OF ALL, BE PREPARED LIKE YOU’RE GONNA FIGHT IN HUNGER GAMES. Just kidding. Just be prepared. Do your research. The internet is your friend.


Here’s our Schengen visa application timeline:
June 16: Emailed the Embassy for an appointment
June 22: Embassy replied confirming our schedule
July 4: Emailed them again for a reschedule
July 5: Embassy replied confirming our new schedule
July 16: Reconfirmed our appointment
July 19: Embassy appointment
Aug 3: Got our passports with Schengen visa!

Aug 30 – Sep 1: Paris, France
Sep 1 – Sep 3: Frankfurt, Germany
Sep 3 – Sept 8: Athens and Santorini, Greece

Embassy of Greece
ADDRESS: 7F Unit 701 SEDCCO I Building, Corner Rada & Legaspi Str, Legaspi Villg. Makati City 1229, Metro Manila, Philippines

Hope this helps ya!!! Good luck with your application.

Athens, Greece
Here’s the very cute me at the Acropolis.

I’ll post about my trip this weekend (if I’m not too lazy hahaha)

  • Ok I’m surefire bookmarking the hell out of this. I want to go to Greece before I turn 30! I want to know visa fees also or maybe I missed it?? Loooooved all the pics I’ve seen so far!

    • Yes, do visit Greece! It’s really nice there! For the visa fee, it’s 3120 pesos for a tourist visa!

  • Glenn

    Hi Mary. Thank you for your blog. I guess this is the most up to date from the web. What concerns me is that after submitting all my documents and after waiting, the embassy said that it is not anymore necessary for an interview and that I should just come back for my passport after 14 calendar days. The rest of the applicants were interviewed. I have a very extensive travel history. I had visited the Schengen area only once and it was only in Prague last 2015. Not interviewed and then comes the waiting…makes me really anxious.

    • Hi Glenn! Their website said that if interview is no longer necessary, you will be informed naman! So I guess everything is good w your application? Good luck!

      • Glenn

        Hi Mary. Thank you for your updated blog. I was able to obtain my passport with visa.

        • Congratulations!!!! Have fun in Greece!

  • Mark Vincent Uy

    Hello Mary… I am just wondering… do they base the duration of stay on your given itenerary lets say ur itenerary says you are staying there for 10 days.. so do they give you exactly 10-days? Also, do I need to submit a cover letter or not? also do I need to put the email address of the hotels in my application or is it okay if I only put the telephone number? thanks!

    • Hi Mark! I guess they do it like that. In our case, we applied for 10 days, they gave us 10. For cover letters, I don’t think you’ll need one. For the hotels, we just included the printed hotel voucher in our application. I don’t think they’ll need an email or telephone number.

      Good luck with your application!

      • Mark Vincent Uy

        Thank you so much!

        • Mark Vincent Uy

          Mary I have one more question… can I bring my mobile phone inside the embassy or not? thanks!