Flicker World Tour

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I met Niall in June and I spent SGD 495 to meet him. See also: I can’t believe I’m STILL far up One Direction’s ass, honestly. I hate myself sometimes, you know? I could have bought myself a plane ticket back to Sapporo. 

I was and still am willing to have my life ruined by a boyband member. Unfortunately.

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2018 so far

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It’s been a long time, pal.

I haven’t had a decent update since December last year so here I am giving you guys a quick one. 2018 has been fun of some sorts. It felt like I’ve been away from home 80% of the time – hopping on a plane or sleeping in hotel rooms while stressing about schedules and bands.

A lot has happened this year. I celebrated my birthday in Sapporo. Birthdays haven’t been fun for me for quite sometime now so I decided to fly out cause birthdays are supposed to be extra special, right? I knew some snow and a -10 degree weather would do the trick.

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Florist That Tells Stories With Their Blooms

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A Better Florist is Singapore’s finest florist, and it’s a team of extremely creative and dedicated individuals who took the industry to the next level. Their beautiful floral arrangements touched the hearts of so many in Singapore, because they are able to transform a simple bouquet into a story. Their grand opening flowers immediately welcome you, and their condolences flowers Singapore can purchase express just how much you empathize with someone who’s lost a loved one. This ability to make flower bouquets tell stories is what makes them the best florist in Singapore

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Harry Styles Live on Tour

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NEWSFLASH: I’m still far up One Direction’s ass. Specifically Harry’s. It’s been almost seven years and I. AM. STILL. HERE. When he announced he was going to play in Singapore for his promotional tour, I immediately bought tickets. 2017 isn’t ending without your homegirl seeing Harry Styles again. It’s been two years too long.

(Getting tickets was such a hassle but spoiler alert: your girl got 4 tickets with no sweat. I’m the Oprah of ticket buying. Virtual waiting rooms? Can’t relate.)

Please pretend to be shocked – I saw Harry last week.  I can’t get over how beautiful and how much of a sweetheart he was (and still is) without even trying – it’s unfair. Shoutout to Anne for raising such a wonderful human being (May or may not be biased here but what do you expect, honestly)

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LANY + Phoenix (Live in Manila)

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It seemed like August wasn’t going to end. It was the busiest month so far this year. We had six shows in a span of two weeks – five for LANY and one for Phoenix (side note: I road manage bands)

I still can’t believe I had the chance to road manage Phoenix. I guess this is the part where I can say MOM I MADE IT. Now if someone would be kind enough to pass along some kind words to Harry Styles that would be fucking great and appreciated (Really really really want to work for Harry please and thank you. I’m a good coffee runner 10/10)

Some photos under the cut!

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