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I now know why I love traveling so much. It’s very easy for me to leave people behind because they don’t care.

I also learned that I only have myself and that’s okay.

And birthdays suck. It’s been like this for a little while now.

Germany 2016

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We don’t talk about Germany, ever. Hahaha, just kidding.

We missed our train to Germany and my wallet was not happy about it. At all. We had to buy tickets again, obviously. And boy, those tickets were damn expensive I could have bought myself a brand new Longchamp bag or a YSL wallet or something else that’s more important. But life goes on yadaa yadaaaaaaa!

We stayed at Frankfurt and had a day trip in Heidelberg. Our first stop in Heidelberg was the castle that was built in 1214. Fun fact: the castle has this arch which, according to our tour guide, was erected overnight. It was a surprise birthday gift from Elector Frederic V to his wife Elisabeth Stuart. MORAL OF THE STORY: GET YOU A GUY WHO CAN BUILD YOU AN ARCH OVERNIGHT. Lol. After visiting the castle, we went around the old town which was very beautiful. It felt like I was in a movie.

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We can collectively agree that 2016 was a so-so year. I mean, we have a president who may or may not be for a certain family and not for his countrymen, most of the people on the internet *COUGHS LOUDLY* believe false news, Trump is the president of the United States, One Direction are still on their break etc etc.

But looking back, I realised that 2016 was alright in my books. It was literally the go with the flow year – a number of unplanned things happened. When 2016 started, I didn’t know I’ll be in Greece or London or I’ll be handling a fucking big client. Life is full of surprises sometimes, innit?

Here are some of the good things that happened in 2016:

1. Being able to travel anytime I want. I have visited seven (eight, if you count the layover in Qatar!) this year and I actually managed to go outside Asia!

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