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The 1975 Live in Manila

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Time check: 02:22AM. I should be sleeping by now (cause duh, I’m THAT person who will always choose sleep) but I think I had too much coffee and tea today. Anyway, I just came back from watching The 1975 (Again??? Yes, again.) and boy, was it one hella hot mess. In a good way, of course. I mean, whatever Matty was on, I want some of that.

The 1975

This photo was taken last Friday after we bumped into them at the loo. Fuckin hell this band, we always bump into them.

Anywhooo some photos from the concert.

The 1975
The 1975
The 1975
The 1975
The 1975

Guess who didn’t get the memo???!!!! “Dude, you gonna dress in black from head to toe?” Heh. Shoutout to Keeshia and Kyle for our free tickets!

Settle Down, The 1975 from Marynyriene Silvestre on Vimeo.

(I just realised that I saw The 1975 four times already. Thrice in Manila and once in Singapore. Wow, this band must be special.)


Bastille in Manila

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Last August, Ms. Steph and I were talking about Karpos bringing Bastille here. Next thing we knew, we were all running backstage and Bastille were playing on stage. Have nothing to say, really, but the whole thing was quite unforgettable. Top night, innit?

ANYWAY. Some photos!


And here’s Dan eating balut. “Can I put it on pizza?”



in 2015

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It’s 10AM and I should probably get back to work and fix my life (WOAH HELLO THERE REALITY I SEE YOU AND I DON’T LIKE YOU) but as always, I’m prolonging the inevitable. So here I am doing this shit that should be done in 2015 cause I like creating lists and I’d rather do this than get back to work thank you very much.

Okay, this is a list (yet again) that I want to accomplish this year. Want vs need cause need is well, NEED. And I’m not really good at keeping up with things… and that’s something I need (well, there’s the word again) to work on.

1. Watch at least 50 movies this year (I tried doing 100 for the past two years. 50 seems to be more believable and possible)
2. Get my knowledge about UI UX design and Startups a notch higher.
3. Take online courses on web development and be really really really good at it. I NEED TO WORK ON THIS.
4. Learn how to swim and go diving!!! I got excited when I saw Mel do her dive when we were in Bali and when she showed me pictures. I was like yeah, I wanna do that. AND I DEFINITELY NEED TO WORK ON THE DON’T DROWN PART.
5. Save money so I can bring my siblings and mom abroad.
6. Travel Europe (OCTOBER, hopefully!)
7. Meet One Direction. This is the constant thing on my list since 2011. Real talk, is this too much to ask?
8. Learn to let go of people.
9. Eat healthy. Be healthy.
10. Learn how not to give a fuck (cause sometimes I still do) and just be happy. “Do you know what, just do you.” – H.

There. Might add some more along the way but I think this is enough for now. Here’s to me wishing I can do all of these. GO ME.

PS. Can you check up on me once in a while, yeah? Like email me… hey Mary, how are you doing with your list? Anything you have accomplished, you little shit? Woah slow down, don’t be that rude though hahaha!