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Florist That Tells Stories With Their Blooms

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A Better Florist is Singapore’s finest florist, and it’s a team of extremely creative and dedicated individuals who took the industry to the next level. Their beautiful floral arrangements touched the hearts of so many in Singapore, because they are able to transform a simple bouquet into a story. Their grand opening flowers immediately welcome you, and their condolences flowers Singapore can purchase express just how much you empathize with someone who’s lost a loved one. This ability to make flower bouquets tell stories is what makes them the best florist in Singapore

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Life Update (Again)

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Hi hello!!! Just another life update.

I found out two months ago that I have PCOS. I haven’t had the time to fully research about my illness but basically I have cysts in my ovaries. Fortunately, they are not harmful – just causing myself some hormonal imbalance. I have higher levels of male hormones and I’m more insulin-resistant. Ever since I found out that something’s wrong with me, I’ve been taking care of myself more. I’ve been going to the gym almost everyday for two months now (THE BIGGEST PLOT TWIST OF 2017, WHO WOULD HAVE FUCKING THOUGHT). I also got myself a personal trainer because I need someone to side-eye and silently judge me if I gain weight and I also regularly visit my dermatologist.

I’m happy to tell you guys that everything is going great. I lost six pounds in a span of two months. It’s not a lot but I’m really counting that as a win because losing weight has always been a struggle. My skin is better now – I’m not having random breakouts anymore. The medicines I’m taking everyday (for six months, mind you) helps a lot too.

BASICALLY, I LIKE MYSELF BETTER NOW. I didn’t know I could love myself more and I’m so happy I’m doing all of these.

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Harry Styles Live on Tour

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NEWSFLASH: I’m still far up One Direction’s ass. Specifically Harry Styles’. It’s been almost seven years and I. AM. STILL. HERE. So when Harry announced in April that he’s gonna go on tour and that he’s gonna play in Singapore, your homegirl gathered all her minions to help her book tickets because there’s no way 2017 is ending without her seeing Harry Styles again. It’s been two years too long.

(Getting tickets was such a hassle but spoiler alert: your girl got 4 tickets with no sweat. I’m the Oprah of ticket buying, I’m telling you. Virtual waiting rooms? Can’t relate.)

SO YESSSS I SAW HARRY STYLES LAST WEEK!!! And he is just so so so tender. I can’t get over how beautiful and how much of a sweetheart he was without even trying – it’s unfair, really. Shoutout to her mom, Anne, for raising such a wonderful human being (May or may not be biased here but what do you expect, really)

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